Reflection Of Me

by Attributes

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Recorded 10/24-10/25 2014 At Earth Capital Studios And Mastered By Azimuth Mastering

Artwork By Paul Rhee


released November 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Attributes Santa Clarita, California

Hardcore/Skate Punk From Santa Clarita Valley, California

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Track Name: War
I'm at the brink of insanity
Trying to find reality
I call to mortality
With a fucked mentality

War with myself
Living in my own hell
Track Name: No Control
No control, no control
Insanity is taking a toll
No control, no control
Solitude is taking me whole
Sick of me
Sick of my mind
It's like I can't control anything
Tie the noose
Let me swing

This disease embedded in my thoughts
The only thing that can cure me is me

Death is cheap
Room so bleak I can't think
I can't sleep
I've lost all control
Track Name: Holes
I keep
Falling into holes that are deeper than me
Can't get myself out of what i got myself in
Pile pain over my head
No way out, far from sane
No tomorrow
Trapped in sorrow
Buried in doubt
Cut the feelings, get out

I'm too deep in these holes i dig
Dark and cold, all alone

In too deep in these holes i dig
Sunk in so far, don't know what i did
In too deep in these holes i dig
I'm just a kid in a world i think is too big
Track Name: Subduing
Everything around me
Is fucking killing me
So I shut the door and keep it closed
Locked away for my soul to rot
I am disposed

A nauseous feeling a constant burning
Praying to the porcelain god
I try to keep it down but I lost control
My mind thinks and I just follow
Everything around me
Is fucking misery
Constantly subduing me
I won't point the finger to any one else
I'm not ashamed to blame myself

I won't point the finger to anyone else
Blame myself

Everything around me
Track Name: State Of Mind
Blank stare into a fucking mirror
All my hope has turned into fear
I watch my dreams go down the drain
I'm left with selfishness and pain

Look into myself and find nothing
But my reflection shows everything
Even if I close my eyes my brain still thinks
And I can still see me amounting to nothing

I can see my heart pump more
Doubt than blood
Some kind of fear flows through my cold veins
And my conscience is never clear

The refection of me is everything I can not be

I told myself I could be whoever I want to be
But I have been living in my dreams
I need to find my own reality
And stop making life harder then it needs to be

The world isn't terrible
But my state of mind is unbearable